Tips for using True Color Eyeshadow Quad

True Color Eyeshadow Quad
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Having beautiful eyes is one of the good aspects everyone has. No matter what color your eyes may be or what shape your eyes are there are so many different techniques to use to make your eyes look more   attractive. There are eye liners, mascara, eye shadows and many more applications. No matter what you use you can make your eyes look more attractive and make them look the shape you want them to. This quad can help your eyes get a nice look.

There are many different color quads that you can choose from. The one I am going to use its called Emerald Cut. It consists of one shimmering beige shade, one soften peach shade, one green metal shade, and blackened emerald shade. There are fourteen different eye shadow quads that you can choose from. All of the shades come numbered starting from 1-4. The shade that you order is what you get, meaning the color is the same.

I will show you how to get a nice look with this quad. What you will need is;

  • True Color Eye shadow Quad or your favorite eye shadows – You will give yourself a nice beautiful look.
  • Eyeliner – Emphasize your eyes.
  • Liquid Eyeliner – Create a cat eye of your choice.
  • Mascara – Give your eyelashes some volume and length.
  • Blush – Make your cheeks pop.
  • Foundation – Even up your skin tone.
  • Concealer – Use to cover up your blemishes.

Starting your look by:

  1. Applying your foundation and giving it a good blend.
  2. Using your concealer apply it on your blemishes and dark circles. Make sure to blend them in.
  3. With your blush brush apply your blush.
  4. Start on your eye shadows using the True Color Quad. You can either chose to apply them the way the tell you on the bottom of the quad or arrange the shadows the way you would like.
  5. After you are done applying your eye shadow use your liquid eyeliner to create your cat eye.
  6. Apply your eyeliner on your water line.
  7. The final step is to apply your mascara and you will be all set.

Wendy with True Color Quad Eyeshadow

I use my True Color Quad at least twice a week. The Emerald Cut Quad that I have is my favorite. It has the soft pink color and also some dark shades that I really like. You can use primer on your eyelid before you apply your eye shadow that way it will last longer. These Quads come is many different shades from matte shades to shimmery shades. It has a variety of options for you to choose from. Have fun with your True Color Quads and continue to try new things.
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Skin So Soft: Soft & Sensual

Skin So Soft Set

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Having soft and great looking skin is something all people want. To top of having the soft and great looking skin you need to smell good. We all deal with people at some point in our day and we tend to help our image before we get out the house. These Skin So Soft products will help you do just that. Whether you are taking a shower or you just need a daily lotion for your hands. The products that I will introduce to you will effectively make your skin look and feel good.

When I first got this in with my AVON order I was so excited. I have been using Skin So Soft’s Gelled Body Oil for quiet some time and to receive these was great. I have the Soft & Sensual Body Lotion, Soft & Sensual Hand Cream, Soft & Sensual Shower Gel, and whatever is left of my Soft & Sensual Gelled Body Oil. I recently started to use the lotions and the shower gel. So far the smell of the shower gel is amazing, just what I expected it to be. I carry the hand cream with me and use it all the time I need to. I meet a lot of people all the day and I love my hands to be nice and soft.

The Skin So Soft Body Lotion and all the others have 24 hours of moisturization. The main ingredients in all these products are Argan oil and the sensual floral scent. Having these ingredients helps your skin to have that silkiness and natural glow. The hand lotion makes your hands feel silky smooth. All of these products work great when you want to smell good and feel vibrant.

Whether you have a certain lotion or body wash that you use, I would recommend for you to try these Skin So Soft products. At times you can get all five products at a bundle price. These products should work great for all of us that have moderate to dry skin. The sensual floral scent is soft and mild. The smell of Skin So Soft is tolerable for those of you who are sensitive to smell and get migraines or headaches.

Overall these products are good for anyone that wants their skin to feel moisturized and silky. You can feel the difference from the time that you use the shower gel while taking a shower. The smoothness of the shower gel when you are taking your shower doesn’t come of when you wash it off. The moisturizing stays for more than 24 hour and makes your skin feel better. Please keep the Skin So Soft products in mind when you are ready to purchase new products.

Big & Daring Volume Mascara

Big and Daring Mascara

Big and Daring Mascara Coming Soon!

I’m going to introduce to you this NEW volume mascara that is coming out soon. Many of us look for mascaras that can give us the volume that we want. We would also love to have the perfect lashes. Adding volume to your eyelashes makes them look fuller. Even if you already own mascara having an extra one to change between is ideal. This Big & Daring mascara is as good as it looks.

This Big & Daring Volume Mascara gives you five times more volume. It leaves no clumps on your lashes. The mascara doesn’t flake or smudge. This product helps your lashes to maintain their volume for up to 24 hours. The dynamite wire brush is a curved brush with multi-level patented bristles. It combs through and captures every lash while filling in the gaps you may have that other mascara will not normally cover.

Big and Daring Mascara in Box

The way the brush is curved is really convenient to get all your eyelashes to have that volume. The bottle looks really elegant and with a small amount of pink color accent. The way it leaves my eyelashes looking nice and thick is amazing. I do not mind buying this mascara to have it and wear it daily. I use mascara daily, so having this mascara will really come in handy. Being able to apply this mascara easy and fast is one of the things I really like about it. I don’t have to go thru my lashes after and remove all the clumps that it may leave behind as it doesn’t clump.

You can wear this mascara for work, school, or when you do your daily activities. One thing it would be perfect for is for a special event that you might have coming up. It is a great quality product for the price you pay. This is one of the mascaras that I will definitely keep in mind every time I need to buy new mascara. It comes in three different colors. These colors are black, blackest black, and brown black. I love how is water-resistant as well.

This Big and Daring Volume Mascara works great. Having the water-resistant added to this mascara was the perfect thing that they did. With it being water-resistant you can wear it for your wedding knowing that it will not smudge all over your face when you cry. Use it as a daily mascara or for a rainy day as it will save you from having smeared mascara all over your face. Having the brush not too big is also helpful when you are applying it. It is just the perfect size to get all of your eyelashes.

Putting on Mascara

AVON Naturals: Hydrating Shower Gel

Avon Naturals Shower Gel

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Smelling good is always refreshing. Smells vary depending on what the person likes. There are strong smells and soft-smooth smells that will help you decide what you like. When you decide to use fragrances make sure not to mix the different smells. This shower gel has mixed smells, going from strong smells to smoother smells. It all depends on what you like.

Avon Naturals body wash comes in seven different smells. These smells are Vibrant Orchid & Blueberry, Vanilla, Blushing Cherry Blossom, Juicy Pomegranate & Mango, Sweet Banana & Coconut Milk, Fresh Cucumber & Melon, and Sunny Strawberry & Guava. Some of the smells are strong for some people and some are really soft smells. If you can’t handle strong smells there are some like the Cucumber & Melon that are not so strong. These shower gels are really nice and colorful.
Avon Naturals in Shower

These shower gels also have their body lotion and body spray companions. These body lotions are really nice to have as well as the body spray. I usually buy the traveling empty container or just any small container and put some of the lotion in to carry with me. The smells of the shower gels stick after you take a shower, but if you like stronger smells you can put some lotion or body spray after you shower.

Avon has some really good deals from time to time on this body washes. Sometimes you can get the whole set for only $10.99. Not only that but they also have mix and match where you can get the smells you prefer. This product is great. I love smelling fresh after I shower and feeling refreshed as well. My favorite smells are the Cucumber & Melon and the Vibrant Orchid & Blueberry. I always use the same body wash and hardly ever use different smells. They are all great smells but like we all know, we all have our favorite ones.

We all have our own taste, so I challenge you to find yours. I found mine when I bought the bundle of all of them and decided which ones I like better than the others. They not only have you smell good but, you also feel your skin being conditioned and moisturized. These bundles are a good quality and a great price. Enjoy many days of being fresh.

Skin So Soft: Firm & Restore

Skin So Soft: Firm and Restore

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We all want to have really smooth skin. We try so many different products and nothing seems to work. At times we end up using more than one product at the same time. It is so hard to find the right kind of product that works with our skin type. Sometime we want something that makes our skin feel soft and firm at the same time and we can’t seem to find that. You will not have to worry or stress anymore. Here is why.

The Skin So Soft brand is always really good with all that they come out with. I found their new line called Firm and Restore great. This line has anything starting from body cream, hand treatment, rejuvenating body cleanser, to corrective neck and chest cream. Two of the products from this line have SPF 15 are the body cream broad spectrum and the age-defying corrective neck and chest cream. The price is really reasonable as well.

I personally love the Skin So Soft: Firm & Restore Body Lotion. It helps restore your skin’s youthful appearance. It contains Babassu Oil. It makes your skin feel firmer and tighter. It can even reduce your stretch marks appearance. My hands get dry at times and this lotion really helps keep your hands from getting dry and it reduces the signs of aging on your hands.

Skin So Soft Lotion

This body lotion has a little fragrance to it. It is not really strong but, if you get migraines and are sensitive to smells you may want to get a sample before buying. It doesn’t have that greasy feel to it which most lotions have. This maybe a turn off for some of you but it feels great and absorbs quickly. Make sure to try it on a small area to make sure you are not allergic to it.

I have had many lotions that promise one thing but I don’t see results. This whole line of firm and restore are a must have. Try by buying one product first and if you like it buy the rest. The way it makes your skin feel its amazing you instantly feel the difference. Give it at least two weeks before you say this product doesn’t do anything for me. Depending skin type it may take longer.

The Skin So Soft lotions have always been the best. If you don’t find yourself liking this product because of the difference in smell maybe your better off trying a different Skin So Soft product. You don’t have to rub it in for long as it absorbs really fast. Having the SPF 15 products are good for the protection of the sun.

Skin So Soft Results

Mega Effects Mascara by AVON

Mega Effects Mascara By AVON

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Finding a mascara that fits your needs can be hard at times. Usually we have a special mascara that we use, but at times we may want change. Since every person is so different what might work for you might not work for the other person. The Mega Effects Mascara is a good one to use. This Mega Effects Mascara only costs $10. It also last for about 4 months.

The Mega Effects Mascara works great on providing a 24-hour volume to your eyelashes. It also makes your lashes darker, more denser, and dramatic. This mascara gets the job done in just two coats. The brush is called Wonderbrush as it gets your lashes from corner to corner. This Wonderbrush bends and adjusts, helping get every eyelash from different angles. The brush has the shape of eyelashes. It gives 40% more mascara then normal mascaras.

This mascara is great but to some the handle might be to small. You need to adjust and learn how to use it as it has a different style brush. It will take trial and error to adjust the brush to the angle you feel comfortable with. It is hard to get the inner and outer corners of the lashes without practice. Most of the not so good thing will have to be overcome by you, as it takes patience and practice to get used to it.

This Mega Effects Mascara gives you a great look for any occasion. This mascara leaves your lashes looking fabulous after a couple times of getting use to it. You can use it when ever you want and will get compliments from people. The length it leaves your eyelashes with is just perfect. It doesn’t use much mascara to make your lashes have volume and look denser.

AVON has always had some great mascaras. This mascara is good and I will definitely keep it stocked in my top two. One thing I really like is that it doesn’t leave your eyelashes clumpy. Really easy to apply after you get used to the shape. It comes off really easy at night. The best part is that it last for at least 24-hours.

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