Big & Daring Volume Mascara

Big and Daring Mascara

Big and Daring Mascara Coming Soon!

I’m going to introduce to you this NEW volume mascara that is coming out soon. Many of us look for mascaras that can give us the volume that we want. We would also love to have the perfect lashes. Adding volume to your eyelashes makes them look fuller. Even if you already own mascara having an extra one to change between is ideal. This Big & Daring mascara is as good as it looks.

This Big & Daring Volume Mascara gives you five times more volume. It leaves no clumps on your lashes. The mascara doesn’t flake or smudge. This product helps your lashes to maintain their volume for up to 24 hours. The dynamite wire brush is a curved brush with multi-level patented bristles. It combs through and captures every lash while filling in the gaps you may have that other mascara will not normally cover.

Big and Daring Mascara in Box

The way the brush is curved is really convenient to get all your eyelashes to have that volume. The bottle looks really elegant and with a small amount of pink color accent. The way it leaves my eyelashes looking nice and thick is amazing. I do not mind buying this mascara to have it and wear it daily. I use mascara daily, so having this mascara will really come in handy. Being able to apply this mascara easy and fast is one of the things I really like about it. I don’t have to go thru my lashes after and remove all the clumps that it may leave behind as it doesn’t clump.

You can wear this mascara for work, school, or when you do your daily activities. One thing it would be perfect for is for a special event that you might have coming up. It is a great quality product for the price you pay. This is one of the mascaras that I will definitely keep in mind every time I need to buy new mascara. It comes in three different colors. These colors are black, blackest black, and brown black. I love how is water-resistant as well.

This Big and Daring Volume Mascara works great. Having the water-resistant added to this mascara was the perfect thing that they did. With it being water-resistant you can wear it for your wedding knowing that it will not smudge all over your face when you cry. Use it as a daily mascara or for a rainy day as it will save you from having smeared mascara all over your face. Having the brush not too big is also helpful when you are applying it. It is just the perfect size to get all of your eyelashes.

Putting on Mascara