Skin So Soft: Firm & Restore

Skin So Soft: Firm and Restore

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We all want to have really smooth skin. We try so many different products and nothing seems to work. At times we end up using more than one product at the same time. It is so hard to find the right kind of product that works with our skin type. Sometime we want something that makes our skin feel soft and firm at the same time and we can’t seem to find that. You will not have to worry or stress anymore. Here is why.

The Skin So Soft brand is always really good with all that they come out with. I found their new line called Firm and Restore great. This line has anything starting from body cream, hand treatment, rejuvenating body cleanser, to corrective neck and chest cream. Two of the products from this line have SPF 15 are the body cream broad spectrum and the age-defying corrective neck and chest cream. The price is really reasonable as well.

I personally love the Skin So Soft: Firm & Restore Body Lotion. It helps restore your skin’s youthful appearance. It contains Babassu Oil. It makes your skin feel firmer and tighter. It can even reduce your stretch marks appearance. My hands get dry at times and this lotion really helps keep your hands from getting dry and it reduces the signs of aging on your hands.

Skin So Soft Lotion

This body lotion has a little fragrance to it. It is not really strong but, if you get migraines and are sensitive to smells you may want to get a sample before buying. It doesn’t have that greasy feel to it which most lotions have. This maybe a turn off for some of you but it feels great and absorbs quickly. Make sure to try it on a small area to make sure you are not allergic to it.

I have had many lotions that promise one thing but I don’t see results. This whole line of firm and restore are a must have. Try by buying one product first and if you like it buy the rest. The way it makes your skin feel its amazing you instantly feel the difference. Give it at least two weeks before you say this product doesn’t do anything for me. Depending skin type it may take longer.

The Skin So Soft lotions have always been the best. If you don’t find yourself liking this product because of the difference in smell maybe your better off trying a different Skin So Soft product. You don’t have to rub it in for long as it absorbs really fast. Having the SPF 15 products are good for the protection of the sun.

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