Skin So Soft: Soft & Sensual

Skin So Soft Set

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Having soft and great looking skin is something all people want. To top of having the soft and great looking skin you need to smell good. We all deal with people at some point in our day and we tend to help our image before we get out the house. These Skin So Soft products will help you do just that. Whether you are taking a shower or you just need a daily lotion for your hands. The products that I will introduce to you will effectively make your skin look and feel good.

When I first got this in with my AVON order I was so excited. I have been using Skin So Soft’s Gelled Body Oil for quiet some time and to receive these was great. I have the Soft & Sensual Body Lotion, Soft & Sensual Hand Cream, Soft & Sensual Shower Gel, and whatever is left of my Soft & Sensual Gelled Body Oil. I recently started to use the lotions and the shower gel. So far the smell of the shower gel is amazing, just what I expected it to be. I carry the hand cream with me and use it all the time I need to. I meet a lot of people all the day and I love my hands to be nice and soft.

The Skin So Soft Body Lotion and all the others have 24 hours of moisturization. The main ingredients in all these products are Argan oil and the sensual floral scent. Having these ingredients helps your skin to have that silkiness and natural glow. The hand lotion makes your hands feel silky smooth. All of these products work great when you want to smell good and feel vibrant.

Whether you have a certain lotion or body wash that you use, I would recommend for you to try these Skin So Soft products. At times you can get all five products at a bundle price. These products should work great for all of us that have moderate to dry skin. The sensual floral scent is soft and mild. The smell of Skin So Soft is tolerable for those of you who are sensitive to smell and get migraines or headaches.

Overall these products are good for anyone that wants their skin to feel moisturized and silky. You can feel the difference from the time that you use the shower gel while taking a shower. The smoothness of the shower gel when you are taking your shower doesn’t come of when you wash it off. The moisturizing stays for more than 24 hour and makes your skin feel better. Please keep the Skin So Soft products in mind when you are ready to purchase new products.