Tips for using True Color Eyeshadow Quad

True Color Eyeshadow Quad
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Having beautiful eyes is one of the good aspects everyone has. No matter what color your eyes may be or what shape your eyes are there are so many different techniques to use to make your eyes look more   attractive. There are eye liners, mascara, eye shadows and many more applications. No matter what you use you can make your eyes look more attractive and make them look the shape you want them to. This quad can help your eyes get a nice look.

There are many different color quads that you can choose from. The one I am going to use its called Emerald Cut. It consists of one shimmering beige shade, one soften peach shade, one green metal shade, and blackened emerald shade. There are fourteen different eye shadow quads that you can choose from. All of the shades come numbered starting from 1-4. The shade that you order is what you get, meaning the color is the same.

I will show you how to get a nice look with this quad. What you will need is;

  • True Color Eye shadow Quad or your favorite eye shadows – You will give yourself a nice beautiful look.
  • Eyeliner – Emphasize your eyes.
  • Liquid Eyeliner – Create a cat eye of your choice.
  • Mascara – Give your eyelashes some volume and length.
  • Blush – Make your cheeks pop.
  • Foundation – Even up your skin tone.
  • Concealer – Use to cover up your blemishes.

Starting your look by:

  1. Applying your foundation and giving it a good blend.
  2. Using your concealer apply it on your blemishes and dark circles. Make sure to blend them in.
  3. With your blush brush apply your blush.
  4. Start on your eye shadows using the True Color Quad. You can either chose to apply them the way the tell you on the bottom of the quad or arrange the shadows the way you would like.
  5. After you are done applying your eye shadow use your liquid eyeliner to create your cat eye.
  6. Apply your eyeliner on your water line.
  7. The final step is to apply your mascara and you will be all set.

Wendy with True Color Quad Eyeshadow

I use my True Color Quad at least twice a week. The Emerald Cut Quad that I have is my favorite. It has the soft pink color and also some dark shades that I really like. You can use primer on your eyelid before you apply your eye shadow that way it will last longer. These Quads come is many different shades from matte shades to shimmery shades. It has a variety of options for you to choose from. Have fun with your True Color Quads and continue to try new things.
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